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RSREU scientific achievements

At the University the great attention was always paid to the scientific work. It is carried out in RSREU practically since its foundation.

Scientific work of students is an integral part of the educational process. There are student scientific and technical conferences every year. Students take part in local, all-Russia and international scientific and technical conferences and exhibitions of technical creativity of youth.

RSREU carries out fundamental and applied works for the branch ministries, participates in scientific programs of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation and regional scientific and technical programs. It carries out development for such ministries and country departments, as the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of health and social development, Ministry of Transport and Communications, the Russian space agency, the Russian Federal Research Fund and others.

For the organization and management of scientific work in the University the scientific research office (SRO of RSREU) is created.

The scientific and research office combines scientific potential of departments, centers and University laboratories. As a result of carrying out of long-term research and experimental-design works on departments and in laboratories of the University highly qualified research collectives were formed. For today as a part of SRO of RSREU the following are available: Scientific research Institute «Photon», regional center of probe microscopy, scientific and technological center «Power electronics», educational scientific center of new information technologies, Scientific Research Laboratory independent information and control systems, other scientific laboratories. Scientific units are fitted out with modern test equipment.

The main directions of the RSREU scientific activity are: creation of prospective radio technical, information and telecommunication devices and systems; development of mathematical, software and hardware for computer systems and systems of processing of signals, images and fields; development of new information technologies and methods of management for scientific and technical and social and economic spheres; development of physical basis, systems of design and technologies of creation of electronic and microelectronic devices and machinery.

Results of scientific works of the Universities scientists found their application at the enterprises of the Ryazan city, the Ryazan region and other regions of Russia. 

Researches and developments of RSREU are widely presented by a large number of publications, participation in scientific conferences and symposia. On the basis of RSREU regularly the international scientific and technical conferences: «Astronautics. Radio electronics. Geoinformatics»; «Problems of transfer and information processing in networks and systems of telecommunications»; «New information technologies in radio engineering» are held. Within implementation of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation programs in the University conferences and seminars of young scientists are held.

Our scientists and engineers actively are engaged in the inventive activity, many developments are defended by copyright certificates and patents. 

Inverter welding set developed in the scientific and technological center of power electronics (TGE chair), are mass-produced by the State Ryazan instrument factory. 

About the scientific importance and level of researches carried out in the University, qualification of scientific staff are confirmed by the fact that within the last five years 17 doctoral and 88 candidate’s thesis were defended, 57 patents (in all for the years of existence of University about 2000 inventions are created) were received.

Now in the University about 300 teachers and research associates, among them 46 doctors of science, about 200 candidates of science, 7 honored science and engineering workers are occupied with the scientific work. There is postgraduate and doctoral study to strengthen bond of science and education in the University. The most significant results of scientific researches are reached in the following areas of sciences:

  • identification and processing of space images;
  • methods and algorithms of detection, isolation and maintenance  of objects in video computer control systems;
  • digital processing of signals in radio engineering systems;
  • CALS technology in the computerized production;
  • methods of processing, transfer and information maintenance;
  • the automated design of computing systems, automation of technological processes and productions;
  • analytical equipment and technique of research of structure of substance for space researches and environmental protection;
  • physics of a rigid body, plasma electronics, solivakuumn devices and others.


RSREU has firmly developed cooperation with leading enterprises of Ryazan and the Russian Federation: The state Ryazan instrument factory, the Ryazan radio factory, research and development institute of gas-discharge devices «Plazma» (Ryazan), «Ryazan - power», Tyazhpressmash factory (Ryazan), the Russian research and development institute of space instrumentation (Moscow), the State space research and production center of M.V. Khrunichev (Moscow), the Central research and development institute of mechanical engineering (Moscow), the All-Russia electrotechnical institute (Moscow), Flight and research institute (Moscow), «the Phasotron Corporation NIIR» (Moscow) etc.

Ryazan state radioengineering university - RSREU scientific achievements