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Evening faculty

The Evening faculty was found in July 1956 for improving of qualificationof Ryazanenterprises of
radio-electronic industry workers. There was a lack of graduate engineers, graduates production managers at various levels. The first set was in the number of 100 people with the specialty «Design and Radio Production».

In 1974, the evening faculty was divided into two parts: Evening Radio Engineering faculty (EREF) and Evening Faculty of Electronic Engineering (EFEE). Needs for such transformation was dictated by increasing of evening courses specialties.

Opened specialties:

  • Information and measuring technology.
  • Electronic devices.
  • Industrial Electronics.
  • Automatics and telemechanics.
  • Economics and organization of radio electronic industry.

For  improving of the professional  level of vocational high education specialists,who work as heads of junior managers  at the evening  branch in 1984, a new specialty in theinstitute«organisationof production» was opened with a reduced period of education - 4 years, only the Department «Economics, Organization and  planning  industry» of  Ryazan Radio Engineering University and three departments of the Russian Universities have the right to prepare specialists on this  speciality.

Similarly, for professionals with vocational high education specialist  in 1986, was opened  set on a specialty «electronic devices» and «Industrial Electronics», and in 1986 the «Radio engineering» with a reduced educational period of 4.5 years. Also in 1986 began preparation on specialty «Software computers and computer-aided system».

Admission of students on the evening faculty was continuously growing. In 70-80 years, admission on two eveningfaculties achieved350 people for eight specialties of the Institute. Number of studentsat this time achieved two thousand people. In 90s  number of  university entrants of the evening faculty began to decrease, and it was lead to unification of two departments into one in 1991 .

Evening faculty deans at various times were:

  • KARPOV RIMMA GRIGORIEVICH, Ph.D., docent. (1957);
  • KASHKIN IVAN TIMOFEEVICH, Ph.D., docent. (1957-1961);
  • SHEYKO VLADIMIR NIKIFOROVICH, senior professor(1961-1962);
  • MANZHOS GALINA ALEXANDROVNA, PhD.,docent (1962-1976);
  • TARAN YURIY ALEXANDROVICH, PhD.,docent (1976-1985);
  • ANTSIPEROV A, Ph.D., docent(1974-1985);
  • ROGACHEV NIKOLAY ANDREYEVICH Ph.D., docent(1985-1991);
  • FEDOROV VLAIMIRALEXANDROVICH , Ph.D., docent(1991-2007). 

Since 2007 and  up to the presentthe dean of the evening  faculty is Vladimir NikolaevichKozlov Ph.D., docent of the department of Electronic devices.

A lot of work to forming, consolidation, expanding of the evening faculty was conducted byGennadiyVladimirovichSolomennikov Ph.D.,docent, former pro-rector of the evening faculty since 1973 to 1986. Since 1986, pro-rector of the evening education Ampilogov Vladimir Nicolayevich Ph.D.,docent became.

Peculiarity of the evening faculty is that specialties preparation is carried outpractically on all major specialtiesof the University, therefore graduate departments on the evening faculty  were almost of all departments of the University.

Lectures and practical exercises at the evening faculty of the University carried out by most qualified teachers including 10 doctors and more than 200 candidates of science.

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