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Military department

Training of reserve officers at the military department

Ryazan State Radio Engineering University is a leading University of the country of radio engineering  directionwith a strong school of staff trainingfor civilian and military sectors.

Military department of the University prepares reserve officers for national defenceforces – Army signaler and specialists in avionics air defense.

RSREU accepts for training students of 2 courses of technical specialties of the University.

Admission to the military department has competitive system. The selection of candidates is carried out by the competitive commission.Preselection is held by the military registration and enlistment office. The candidate must meet the following requirements: must be a citizen of Russia, must be on full-time tuition, age not over 30 years, to be able for health to education, get professional psychological selection. The level of physical fitness checked. The main selection is carry out by the competitive commission among the citizenspassed the preselection.

RSREU signs a contract with the applicant. Education begins in the 4th semester. The duration of military training is 2,5 years.

Education at the military department is for free.Besides, during the education period, students are paid an additional scholarship.

Permanent officers are trainers. Teachers share their long experience, including combat experience, experience of service in the armed forces and equipment maintenance. Teaching is conducted according high standards with of using modern methods and teaching aids.

Military department has a good educational and material resources, fully equipped with modern standard military equipment. The base of military educational institutions and military units of Ryazan garrison: Ryazan Institute of the Airborne Troops, Ryazan Airborne Regiment, 43 Center combat employment and retraining crews arewidely used.

Within the duration of study at the University students defer to the Armed Forces. After graduation, the officer rank is given to citizens simultaneously with enrollment in the reserve. Reserve officers may voluntarily enter the military service under the contract. The Department assists in finding job to graduates who wish to make a career of an officer. Our graduates are expected not only the armed forcesbut also the other security agencies our graduates. Heads of defense companies are also happy to employ our graduates.

For 55 years of existence the department has released more than 22,000 reserve officers. Up to 15% of graduates every year join to the military service under the contract. Many of them were left to serve in the Armed Forces cadres and now hold positions of federal and regional significance. Among the leading staff companies and organizations of Ryazan region plenty of graduates from the Radio Engineering University and the military department as well.

The management of the Strategic Rocket Forces, Chief of the Air Force radio-radar troops, Administration chief of communications Armed Forces of Russian Federation , the Department of the Ground Forces, the Headquarters of the Western Military Districtoften spoke positively about high professional quality of our graduates.

The graduates of the military department are the main source of qualified stuff of the concern «Anti-aircraft warfare», «Almaz-Antey» and otherdefence industry of Russia complex.

Public opinion polled among students,interviews with graduates of the department of past years show that the skills and knowledge received at the military department, not only help in the development of major field of study at the University, but also allow almost immediately to adapt to any team or even lead it.

On educationissues,apply to the military department at tel. 445-303.

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The chief of the military department

Colonel P. Ivanenko

Ryazan state radioengineering university - Military department