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The human sciences University

The human sciences University was created in 2010 under the order of the Rector that on the basic of the decision of the academic council of the University. The Institute includes professional departments that realize disciplines of humanitarian and social economic (HSE) cycle at all specialties of RSREU: national history, philosophy, political science, cultural studies, history of culture, legal disciplines, etc. The main goal of its creation is training of top-qualification staff in order to satisfy needs of science and sphere of public management in experts of social and humanitarian fields.

The human science Institute is a structural subdivision of RSREU in which humanitarian training directions within the framework of classical University’s programs, centers of fundamental humanitarian problems and development of applied humanitarian technologies researches are concentrated. Today there are three professional departments in the structure of the Institute : history and philosophy, political and social sciences, legal science, along with the Center of social theory and management and Interacademic centre of economic history of Priokskiy region. The teachers of professional departments successfully realize training according the directions «social work», «and public relations», «human resource management». In the process of specialists training special attention is paid to the close integration of scientific and academic work.

Priority tasks of the University are:

  • optimization and improvement of the quality of social-humanitarian training of RSREU students;
  • coordination of personnel departments efforts on framing strategy of social-humanitarian disciplines teaching in conditions of higher school reforming and upgrading of training technology;
  • strengthening and coordination of educational and ideological influence of social and humanitarian disciplines;
  • consecutive realization of educational and ideological potential of social-humanitarian education at all its stages;
  • rendering of methodical assistance to educational and ideological structures of RSREU, creating of programs on popularization of humanitarian knowledge among the student youth;
  • development of innovation means of diagnostic and control of knowledge and skills of students, rating system of knowledge evaluation, independent work and other modern methods of humanitarian education;
  • development of bachelor programs and master training in the sphere of socially-humanitarian disciplines, supposing shaping of methodical and world-view culture of future specialists, research skills,  ideals of responsibility for obtained research results;
  • organization of student workshops, symposiums, colloquium, teacher conferences on acquaintance, development and adoption of up-to-date educational technologies in teaching process.


The priority principles of the Institute work are the highest possible interdisciplinary, earlier introducing of students into professional activity, the absolute openness for partnership both with Russian humanitarian colleagues, and foreign Universities, funds and research centers, working in relate fields, as well as with institution, enterprises, organizations of the town, region and country, that realize availability and principle stand of humanitarian technologies in the whole and in the modern society.

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