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Engineering and Economics Faculty

Engineering and Economics Faculty(EEF) was created by the rector of RSREU of 2 July 1993. The facultyincludesthree sub departments, two of which prepare students for graduation.It is the sub department«Economics, organization and planning of industrial enterprises»and the sub department«Economics»(now  the sub department «State and municipal managementand economic theory»). The sub department «Health and Safety» carried out the educational process at all departments ofthe Academy (now - University), as well as the other two sub departments.

The sub department «Economic, organization and planning of industrial enterprises» hadtwenty-five experienceof preparing students for graduation atthe time ofcreation of the faculty. Specialists, who were graduated from the sub department, were needed in the financial and banking industry, which is being actively developed and updated regular labor force in that time. Regional government needed managers who can work in the municipal unites. At the same time the sub department «State and municipal management and economic theory»began sub department preparing students for graduationand began training specialists for the regional authorities.

The necessity of concentration of all scientist-economists at onefacultyappeared for creative, coordinated work of training of economists and managers. In June 25, 1993 The Academic Senate of RSREU resolved on creation ofthe Faculty of Engineering and Economics. In September 24, 1993 The Academic Senate of RSREU elected the Doctor of Economics, Professor Mr. Soldak, Head of Department «Economics, organization, planning industry» by Dean of Engineering and Economics Sub faculty.Ms. Kazakova, candidate ofEcononomics, Associate Professor was elected by the Associate Dean.  The dean worked until December 28, 1998 inmembership. In December 28, 1998 Ms.Kazakova was elected by Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Economics, Mr. Ageev, senior lecturer, was elected by theasssociate dean. Mr. Fatkin, associate professor, became the dean of the faculty in 2003. From 2008 to the present time, associate professor Mr. Zimin is the dean of the faculty.

Strategy of development of the faculty and its departments is directed on preparation of  highly skilled experts demanded by the enterprises and the organizations, expansion of specializations for the solution of problems by the enterprises and the organizations and the best adaptation of young specialists, creation of the first class material base for the organization of educational process, vigorous and friendly interaction with all potential consumers of services, effective preparation and retraining of personnel, creation of creative and favorable atmosphere for scientific and professional growth of the lecturers.

The creative group of lecturers, staffs and necessary conditions for preparation of highly skilled economists and managers are created in last eight years of the dynamic activities of faculty. Faculty motto is «We want to teach and help to study those students who sincerely aspire to it». At the faculty good traditions which allow students to spend five student's years actively are created: communication with production, high progress, socially significant orientation to the patriotic relation to reformation of economy, unity and support, the relation of teachers and students as colleagues and democratization of educational process that is powerful incentive both in study, and in public life.

Students of the faculty were winners and prize-winners of the All-Russia Olympiadin the specialty, on mathematics, sports competitions of various level, at the faculty the team which became the winner of the STEM city competition was created. Students of the faculty take active part in Star campaigns, in recent years they take partin nurseries «Star» on orphanages of the Ryazan region.

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