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University Information Infrastructure

In RSREU heterogeneous, territorially-distributed corporate information system was formed, which has access to the global Internet and RunNet, covering all buildings and hostels of the University, which are used by over 7000 users - students, teachers, staff.

Information system provides regular quick access for staff and students to local and global information resources, to modern software and application programs and technologies, to means of computing and telecommunications, and creation of useful  liquid program and information resources for the University.

In the educational process there are 49 computerized classrooms atdepartments and information-computing centers, which are equipped with high-tech (more than 700 PIII class PC or higher, 19 projectors) and licensed software and information support.

In the corporate information system of the University there are more than 2.5 thousand computers (including hostels), more than 90 subnets, central server-switching node, multi-processor cluster AMD, more than 200 functional servers and commutators, several tens of kilometers of wire and fiber-optic telecommunications, linking all subdivision of the University in 11 buildings in the city in education and support buildings, hostels.

For individual students work and postgraduate students there is a hall for preparation ofcourseworks and diploma projects with modern equipment, Center of information service (more than 30 computers) with the access to the global network RunNet and InterNet. Centralized and authorized connection of all workstation in the corporate information system to these networks is realized on three  fiber-optic and four-wire links with total access rate about 20 Mbit / s.

Informatization of the University is supported by the Office of Telecommunications and Information Resources, the Center of New Information Technologies, Information and Computing Center, Multimedia center of technical training aids, Center of Information Services. Created, implemented and widely used automated software and information systems of management are created, implemented and widely used in the subdivision of the university. Website of the University is designed, operated and continually updated(more than 2 million visits per year). Electronic document circulation is implemented.

The following is created, developed and used: electronic library and catalog, banks of licensed software, photo and video documentation with total information resources more than 2 terabytes, placed on distributed, FTP servers of the Office of Telecommunications and Information Resources, Center of New Information Technologies and departments. In the University and its branch in Sasovoof the distance education is introduced. Works on the informatization are carried out in conjunction with the world's hardware and software producers such as IBM, AMD, Microsoft, D link, Cisco, HP, Sun with the goal to create educational and research- scientific centers for the teaching and reteaching of engineering and management staff for scientific research and engineering developments.

With help of security software and hardware and telecommunication means testing of over a thousand students and enrolles are annually conducted. For many years, «City school of programmers» successfully prepares students. Based on the Centre of New Information Technology, Resource center of the regional unified informational and educational environment controlsinformatization of education of Ryazan, Vladimir and Tula regions.

In the service of informatization of the University highly qualified staff works. Great experience in creating, implementing and supporting of the functioning of the components of the corporate information system is gained.

All new solutions in the field of information, before their implementation are discussed in the consultative department of the University - the Council for informatization. A single enterprise technology, telecommunications, software and information resources, technology and systems is purposefully created, which brings together the diversity of applied and rapidly developing, and new media, technologies and systems which in accordance with the strategy and program of informatization of the University, will lead to the creation of the «Electronic University» by 2012.

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