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Information for postgraduate and doctoral students

Postgraduate studies are carried out as full-time study(up to 3 years) and as part-time study(up to 4 years). Postgraduate study accepts persons who have high professional education and a penchant for scientific research – can receive an admission to postgraduate studies is conducted on the contract (paid) basis.

Acceptance of applications on postgraduate of RSREU is held from August 1 to September 1, 2012

Applicants on postgraduate study have to pass exams onprofile disciplines, philosophy and foreign language.

Successful candidates will be teaching on base of the department of«corporate security» in Moscow.

Postgraduates of full-time study receive denial of determent of call-up to the army.

Acceptance of documents of candidates to postgraduate is implemented by the Department of postgraduate and doctoral at the address: 390005, Ryazan, Gagarin Street, 59/1, Rm. 262 a., Tel: +7 (4912) 46 04 36.

Head of postgraduate and doctoral department

Bodrov Oleg Anatolyevich

Tel: +7 (4912) 46-04-36

E-mail: bodrov.o.a @ rsreu.ru

Last updated: 01.10.2012

Leading engineer of postgraduate and doctoral department

Zaikina Ella Vladimirovna

Tel: +7 (4912) 46-04-36

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Postgraduate studies of RSREU accept people who have high professional education on competitivebasis.

Postgraduate studies are carried out as full-time and as part-time courses.

Foreign citizens, including citizens of states - members of CIS are accepted to postgraduate study on the basis of international contractsand intergovernmental agreements of the Russian Federation, and of contracts of RSREU includingpayment for preparation by legal and physical persons.

Persons without citizenship are accepted on a general basis with documents proving the legitimacy of their presence in the territory of the Russian Federation.

Persons submitted their application to postgraduate study under the contract with full compensation of studycosts, must conclude a contractbefore the entrance exams and pay the cost of education in the prescribed manner.

Persons who have previously been on fully postgraduate study, have no right to a secondary study on postgraduate from the budgetary funds.

Applicants on postgraduate study are interviewed by the prospective supervisor.

Name of branches and specialties code of research workers, in which operates postgraduate study operates


Physical and mathematica lsciences:

  • 01.04.01 - Devices and methods of experimental physics
  • 01.04.04 - Physical Electronics
  • 01.04.10 - Physics of Semiconductors


Engineering Sciences:

  • 05.09.10 - Electrotechnology
  • 05.11.16 - Information-measuring and control systems (technical)
  • 05.11.17 - Devices, systems and medical devices
  • 05.12.04 - Radio engineering, including systems and TV devices:
  • 05.12.07 - Antennas, microwave devices and their technologies
  • 05.12.13 - Systems, networks and telecommunications devices
  • 05.12.14 - Radar and radio navigation (technical sciences)
  • 05.13.01 - System analysis, management and processing of information (engineering systems)
  • 05.13.05 - Elements and devices of computer facilities and control systems
  • 05.13.06 - Automation and control of technological processes and manufactures (technical sciences)
  • 05.13.10 - Management in social and economic systems
  • 05.13.11 - Mathematical and software of computers, complexes and computer networks
  • 05.13.12 - Computer-aided design (engineering science)
  • 05.13.17 - Theoretical Foundations of Informatics
  • 05.13.18 - Mathematical modeling, numerical methods and software
  • 05.13.19 - Methods and systems for information security, information security
  • 05.27.02 - Vacuum and Plasma Electronics


Historical Sciences and Archeology

  • 07.00.10 - History of Science and Technology



  • 08.00.05 - Economy and management of national economy (on sectors and sphere of activity including: economics, organization and management of company, branches, complexes, management of innovation, regional economics, logistics, labor economics, economics of population and demography, nature economy, business economics, marketing, management, pricing, economics and security, standardization and quality control of products, and management; recreation and tourism)
  • 08.00.10 - Finance, monetary circulation and credit
  • 08.00.12 - Accounting and Statistics



  • 09.00.11 - Social philosophy


Art Studies

  • 17.00.06 - Industrial art and design



Applicants to postgraduate study of RSREU submit in the department of postgraduate and doctoral the following documents:

  • application(in written form) for admission to postgraduate study to the rector for scientific work (Annex 1);
  • Diploma copies about higher professional education and its annexes (for those who have been educated abroad, including citizens of CIS countries, - copy of the diploma and a copy of the certificate of equivalence of international documents to a diploma of high professional education of the Russian Federation, issued by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation);
  • personal card of a postgraduate student;
  • Postgraduate personal form (44 KB)
  • list of publications (if the presence of publications) or abstract (Annex 2);
  • identification on passing of candidate examinations (if any passed candidate examinations);
  • recommendation of the Academic Council of the Faculty (for graduates of the current year);
  • two photos 3x4;
  • for applicants on the  budget basis - details of credit card «Sberbank of Russia» (for transfer scholarships);
  • copyof 2 and  3 and 5 pages of the passport.


Documents are submitted before 1 September of the current year in one copy in your folder with transparent cover (not lacing).

Persons who enter to postgraduate study, should submit documents personally with the showing of passport and diploma of higher education.

Persons who have obtained their education abroad, should submit the diploma of higher professional education and certification of its equivalence.

Foreign citizens submit the substantiating residence in the Russian Federation besides of the above documents.

Entrance Exams

Persons who became postgraduate students pass entrance examinations in accordance with the state educational standard of higher education:

  • special subject (speciality, branch of study);
  • philosophy;
  • foreign language (English, German, French).


Pass of competitive entrance exams for entering to postgraduate study on the budget basis is normally held in September.

At the exams assessment of knowledge with marks 5 (five), four (4), 3 (three), 2 (two) is used.

If you get unsatisfactory mark 2(two) on one of the exams, applicant are not allowed for further examinations.

Retaking of entrance exams is not allowed. Passed postgraduate entrance exams are valid during all the calendar year. Persons who have passed the candidate's examinations in a foreign language, before during admission to postgraduate studies may be exempted from the entrance exam in a foreign language under the resolution of the selection committee.

Persons admitted to postgraduate study entrance exams, are provided with vacation with duration of 30 calendar days for the preparation to the exams and their passing with preservation of the average wage at the workplace.

Enter in postgraduate study

The acceptance committee decides on each candidate according to results of entrance exams, providing enrollment the most prepared applicants for the research work, scientific and educational work a competitive basis. 

Scholarship for postgraduate full-time students who enter in the control account figures shall be paid from the date of the admission, but not before the date of dismissal from a previous job.

Enrollment in postgraduate studies is carried out by the order of Vice- Rector of scientific work of RSREU.

Release from work of persons accepted in postgraduate studies,is carried out in accordance of the Russian Federation legislation on labor. Scholarship to postgraduate full-time students who enrolled in the control account figures shall be paid from the date of the enrolment, but not before the date of dismissal from a previous job.

Recommendationson the structure and content of the abstract.

The main purpose of abstract is to provide detailed information about the degree of readiness of enroll in postgraduate study for scientific work of the selected specialties.

The total volume of 1.5-2 abstracts printed sheets (1 sheet - 16 pages).

The abstract is transferred to the administration of postgraduate study before the entrance exams.

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