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Cultural traditions of RSREU

The University developed a conception and implemented comprehensive program of educational work with students, which is based on patriotic education of socially active, creative and esthetic development of the individual.

The University has a well-developed and long-established system of student self-government, which covers all aspects of studentslife: student union organization, Student Council of the University, student councils of hostel, hobby clubs with long traditions. At the annual summer and winter camps of student activists, senior studentsshare their experience of self-government undergraduates.

Museum of RSREU

The central place in educational work with students takes a museum of military and labor glory of the University (since 2006 - Museum of RSREU History), which was opened on 7 May 1977. Funds of the museum has more than 5000 exhibits. At the museuma historical and cultural center, which is created  holds regular meetings with artists, poets, writers, noble countrymen. Every year museumarevisited by over 2500 people.

University newspaper «Radist », first edition of which was in March 16, 1959, in the competition of University media in Russia in 1999,won the «Grand Prize» of the Union of Journalists of Russia. cult_radist.jpg «Radist» always actively involves students for consecration of the University life, it has become a second profession for many people.

Zvezdniy- hikes of studens and postgraduate students in places of military and labor glory of Ryazan city emerged at the University 35 years ago.


Nowstudents of all Universities of Ryazan city take part in it. On winter vacation Zvezdniy takes its start from the monument of the Hero of the Soviet Union FedorPoletayev and its route runs through the cities and villages of the region, where the hike members met with veterans of war and labor, arranged concerts, repair radioequipment, help around the house.

Tradition of summer student building brigades never stopped, first of which emerged even for a year in the Radio University in 1958.

Building brigades

Our students build facilities and harvest in Kazakhstan and Moldova, Kyrgyzstan and Siberia, the Crimea and Ryazan, leaving just good memory. Since 2001,in the Universitywinter building brigades started.

For students esthetic education, developing of their creative abilities the following help Public film studio «RSREU-movie» founded by the students in 1956, Public photostudio«Meshchera», founded in 1961, many creative teams of students - choral, dance, Student theatre of variety miniatures , Club for the Lightheaded and Quick-witted, Vocal Instrumental Ensemble, competition s«Miss Radio universe», «Physicist –lyrics», «Hello! We are looking for talents» and other activities.


Studio «RSREU-movie» is a part of all-Union, republic and regional festivals of amateur films. Film enthusiasts of «RSREU-movie» participate in public life of the city and the region.

Members of the photostudio«Meshchera» regularly participate in international, all-Union, republic photo exhibitions. Close creative relationship is established with the Munster photostudio in Germany.

Ballroom Dance Studio

Studio of Modern Ballroom Dance «Dvizheniye» was founded in 1975, and in 1977 in Ryazan in our University the first international competition of ballroom dancing took place. In 1979 collective got titleof «National» and participated in our and international dance competitions.

Tourist Club «Altair» exists in the University from 50th years of the last century and it is well known far beyond the borders of Ryazan.


Tourist club has section: mountaineering, water, cycling and hiking, hang-gliding, in which hundreds of our students annually are engaged and take parts in hiking.

Sports club

Students' Sports Club of the University was established in 1956 and includes 15 sports branches, inwhich about 500 people are constantly engaged.

Our students are the champions of the regional university sports festivals, take first places in the championship of the city and the region, on championships of Russia and the world.

Ryazan state radioengineering university - Cultural traditions of RSREU