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We are writing the history of the University

The first edition of the newspaper «Radist» was released on March 16, 1959.

To have an information source was the demand of that time - in the sixties there was booming of radio electronics. Need in qualified personnel contributed to the development of new professions and search of perspective scientific directions.

Interesting and creative youth appeared in the student community as the old mentions editions of the early 60's are telling.

Versatile talent of student correspondents surprises.

From that moment, the United Student Correspondents commenced its activities, and the generation of young journalists has grown in the editorial office.

For some people, journalism has grown from a hobby into a profession for the whole life.

There are many current managers of production, directors of enterprises and bankers among the former graduates-correspondent of the newspaper «Radist».

George Sytnik, a student photojournalist received the award from V.V. Putin – a medal «Merit for the Fatherland» for his work in the global hot spots as the operator of the Central Television.

V.K. Markov general Director of «Mezhregiongaz» V.K. Markov, professor A.N. Pylkin dean of the Faculty of Computer Science, special correspondent of the first channel of the Central Television OlesyaBondareva, now chief editor of the major magazine issue, director of the Institute of Advertising DmitriyPivtsaev (a graduate from the Faculty of Automation and Information Technology in the Management), the heads of security structures and many others were student - reporters.

The chronicle of all the events that have passed for half a century, is reflected in the pages of the newspaper, so it is possible to trace the history of the University.

The photoarchive in the editorial office are numerous. Each picture tells you about past events.

The newspaper celebrated 50 years, in 16 March 2009. And during this time, there were also a lot of remarkable events.

«Radist» was repeatedly awarded by the local and regional journalism competitions, the newspaper was awarded by the Grand Prix Russian Union of Journalists for participation in the competition of high school of the Russian media in 1991.

The editorial board awarded by the Diploma of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation for productive work and letters of the Governor and Government of the region, as well as a coffee set for the student journalists.

At the round table of the editorial office, which always lively and interesting, with a cup of coffeset many topical projects will be born. And now there is an interesting creative team at the office.

Full owners of the newspaper began its «veterans» - student reporters - Maria Smolyarova, Vyacheslav Fokin, Alexandra Grechina , Ilya Ermakov, Maria Vanyukova.

We want to wish good luck on the journalistic career to beginners - Olga Panicheva, Vladimir Sverdlov, NadezhdaMorozova , Elena Tolochanova, Kirill Nemakin and others.

We are waiting for new people!

Ryazan state radioengineering university - We are writing the history of the University