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The faculty of electronics

The faculty of electronics was created for the development of the latest branch - electronic industry which produces the electronic devices making element base of various calculating, radio engineering, automatic, metrical and other electronic devices. Ryazan was getting the large center of electronic industry. The faculty was one of the first three that were formed from the moment of RREI creation at the beginning of 1952. Originally it was named of electrovacuum faculty, from 1956 to 1961 - radio engineering electronics. In the beginning at faculty there was the only «Electrovacuum technology» specialty (later it was renamed into «Electronic devices»). In the fifties in Ryazan large research and development institutes were created: gas-discharge devices (RDIADD) and technological (RDTI). Later the ceramic-metal devices factory was built, at factories experimental design bureaus were developing. In the nearby cities the enterprises of electronic industry were constructed. Thus, the choice of Ryazan as one of the centers of training of engineers on electronics was very successful.

The first dean of faculty (1952-1960) was Sergey Afanasyevich Suslonov who has finished postgraduate study on the television of department Saint Petersburg State Electrotechnical University (LETI), subsequently the D.E., professor. Further this position occupied:

Borisovskiy Peter Andreyevich , candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, assistant professor (1962-1967), Poshekhonov Pavel Vasilyevich, D.E., professor (1967-1970), Gorbatov Dmitriy Nikolaevich, candidate for D.E. degree., assistant professor, (later D.E., professor) (1970-1981), Korotchenko Vladimir Aleksandrovich, D.E., professor (1981-1986), Mamontov Evgeniy Vasilyevich, candidate for D.E. degree, the assistant professor (1986-1991), Sheretov Ernst Panteleymonovich, D.E., professor (1991-1994), Arefyev Alexander Sergeyevich D.E., professor (1994-2004), Vereschagin Nikolay Mikhaylovich, Candidate of Technical Sciences, the assistant professor (from 2004 to the present).

The first head of the graduating chair of the faculty was S. A. Suslonov. The chair was named at first corresponding to the name of faculty, - «Radio engineering electronics», and since 1961 - according to the specialty name "Electronic devices». In 1955 the department remained with a graduate of Saint Petersburg State Electrotechnical University (LETI) postgraduate study P.V.Poshekhonov, associate professor V.P.Panov. In 1956 in order to strengthen technological training the second graduating  department- technologies of electrovacuum production under the direction of associate professor P. V. Poshekhonova was allocated. Now it carries the name of electronic equipment and technology.

In 1963 the third graduating department on the faculty «Ionic Devices» (later named «Industrial Electronic») was opened. The first head of the department became the associate professor A. A. Nikolaev. The main object of the chair in those years was training of engineering staff on gas-discharge electronic for Research and development institute of gas dischange devices (RDIADD).

Beginning from the 1966 the third specialty «Physical Electronics» was opened due to the rapid development of Research and development institute (RDI) and its scientific area. The main contribution to its organization was made by the associate professor of the physics department L. F. Stepanov, P. V. Poshechonov and Professor G. N. Shuppe, who had moved to Ryazan from Tashkent.

Students, studying on the direction 5507 «Electronics and microelectronics», get the basic higher education. The graduates get the bachelor degree. The certificate of bachelor degree has international recognition. The program of training is close to the teaching material of the specialty 2003 «Electronic devices and machinery» but training term is less one year.

In 80s the profile of the «Electronic devices» specialty was broadened. Taking into account more and more strong connection of separate electronic devices with each other and with the elements of schemes and transformation of many electronic devices into the integrated and interconnected devices which are carrying out more difficult functions, and also emergence of installations of electronic, ionic and vacuum technology, the specialty received the name «Electronic devices and machinery» - 200300. This specialty is the most universal in the sphere of electronic technology. Within the specialty program physical bases, principles of work and manufacturing technology of electronic devices making element base of all radio-electronic devices are studied. The element base defines level and generations of devices. Future engineers get also deep theoretical training and practical skills in the sphere of devices used in the radio technology, industrial automation, computer engineering, medical, consumer and other equipment.

Need for engineers of electronic technology is high. Experts with the higher education in the field of development and use of electronic means for automation of modern technologies are training in «Industrial electronics» - 210106. The main direction of the specialty «Industrial electronics» is the training of specialists, capable to solve a wide range of production, scientific, economic and administrative tasks. Besides general educational disciplines students of specialty study technological processes, specialized SAPW, the information systems, new information technologies.

Within the specialty program there are three directions of the engineers training: energy and plasma electronics; microprocessor engineering; computer technologies. 

Spheres of professional activity of engineers of electronic technology is electrical energy industry, the communication, the electrified transport, power and information electronics, service of electronic office equipment, use of computer equipment and new technologies of design in systems of automatic control of technological processes and objects.

By results of carried-out competitions the department of «Industrial electronics» is a constant part of leading group among graduating department of radio engineering University. 

Along with traditional educational literature teachers of the department developed a large number of electronic textbooks and guide books, tests, electronic laboratory researches, helping students to cope with the information.

For those who wants to get extra knowledge in the sphere of computer engineering and modern software packages on the department there is a computer class equipped with computers of the last generation.

Traditional forms of professional growth of students is their participation in the scientific work. According to the results of the All-Russia competitions of student's scientific works 5 students of the specialty were awarded by gold medals and 7 students – diplomas of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation.

Recognition of long-term research studies in the sphere of physics of low-temperature plasma is verified by the fact that together with the Russian Academy of Sciences on the basis of the department significant international conferences are regularly held.

The department is the most successful in the training of scientific staff in the university. Annually one or two candidate's dissertations are defended. Every year about five postgraduates and degree-seeking student began to work on the department.

Scientific work of the department teachers are well known abroad. Our employee took part in international conferences, holding in France, Italy, Germany, Japan, Chine, Israel, England and the U.S.A. 

Several times they gave lectures in Germany. Now representatives of the department carry out scientific researches in Germany and Italy. All this speaks about high quality of the traning of «Industrial electronics» specialists and about high scientific and pedagogical potential of the department staff.

The most important direction of the engineer-physicist training is the scientific instrumentation. Many successes in creation of highly reliable electronic devices are connected with the wide use of laser technologies. Their studying and development is one of the specialty direction «Physical electronics» - 071400. Within this specialty engineers are training, capable to work at any the most difficult scientific diagnostic equipment and develop it. Necessary physical and mathematical training, uninterrupted communication with computer facilities allow our students to undertake development of the most difficult measuring and diagnostic equipment of biomedicine, chemical production, electronic equipment, agriculture, space researches etc.

Now all specialties of the faculty are included into the uniform engineering direction «Electronics».

At the faculty scientific and pedagogical schools appeared and they are developing now:

  • research of technology and physical processes defining reliability and quality of electronic devices (prof. Korotchenko V.A., prof. Volkov S.S., prof. Tchizikov A.E.),
  • Microwave electronics and mathematical modeling (prof. Panov V. P., prof. Fedyaev V. K.),
  • emission electronics and surface diagnostics (prof. Zakurdayev I.V.),
  • asses - spectrometry (prof. Sheretov E.P.),
  • physics of the gas discharge and gas-discharge technology (prof. Arefyev A.S., prof. Kiselyov Yu.V.)


Some graduates of the faculty reached high posts in the scales of our country:

  • I.G. Artyukh (the graduate of 1967 of the Electronic devices department) - the D. E., professor, CEO of Research and production association (NPO ) «Toriy» (Moscow), honored inventor of Russia, head of the department Moscow State Institute of Radio Engineering Electronics and Automation, vice-president of the Union of industrialists and businessmen of Russia;
  • B.V. Lyashenko (the graduate of 1967 of the Electronic devices department) - chief engineer of the former I main office of the Ministry of electronic industry;
  • S.I. Kovalev (graduate of 1957 special. «Electronic devices») -  extraordinary and honorary ambassador of the USSR.

More than 20 graduates of the Electronic devices and Electronic devices and Engineering (ETT) departments  became doctors of science, winners of the State awards became Artyukh I.G., Pugnin V. I., Evtyunin L.N., Solomatin V. S. (in the sphere of microwaves), K.Fazleev (semi-conductor devices), Kiselyov B.V. (lasers), Kondratyev G. V. (electronics). The list of CEOs, directors and chief engineers of the enterprises is extensive: Artyukh I.G., Kondratyev G. V., Samorodov V. G., Shumilin V. F., Karabanov S. M., Titov V. N., Lichagin Yu.S., Talalayev N. V., Bocharov V. N., Sukhov Yu.P., Meleshkevich P. M.,  Mayzels R. M, Vyyukov I.V., Pokryvaylo A.B. and others.

The graduates of the faculty are the head of the region treasury G. B. Maslennikov and V.K. Markov occupying a mayor post of Ryazan, theatrical and literary figure E.M.Zilberman (Verigo), television, radio, newspapers staff Bochkov V.D., Tarasova A.S., Pugnin Yu.V., the president of association of businessmen of Ryazan M. Varakin.

Life of the faculty of electronics isn't limited to only the academic training and scientific work. An integral part of student's life is amateur art activity. The electronics faculty is the repeated winner in reviews competitions of amateur performances. The student's theater of variety miniatures Student’s theat of variety miniatures (STVM) for many years was the leader at the University (Institute). It is well know in Ryazan. It repeatedly was a winner in the STVM festivals in Voronezh, Volgograd, Novomoskovsk.

Students of the electronics faculty took the most active part from first years of the organization of student's construction groups. They left «autographs» in Tselinograd, Pavlodar, Taldy-Kurgan, Aktyubinsk, Mangyshlak, the Ryazan region.

In recent years the faculty considerably expands its links with higher education institutions and scientific institutions of foreign countries: prof. Sheretov E.P., prof. Fedyaev V. K., prof. Arefyev A.S. took active part in the work of the international conferences on electronics, holding in Japan, Italy, England, Israel, France. Prof. Arefyev A.S. many times gave lectures in Germany at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. At the faculty each two years the conferences on physics of the gas discharge are held.

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