Ryazan State Radio Engineering University named after V.F. Utkin

The history of the University

At the beginning of 1950 уears by the USSR government was set a task to create one of the centers of radioengineering development and instrumentation in Ryazan. At the same time under the order of the Government № 5389-2346 as of the 28th of December in Ryazan «Radio Engineering Institute» was created for engineer training in the sphere of radio engineering for radiolocation and electrovacuum industry for 5-year term and with the intake of 315 students to the institute in the 1952-1953 academic year.

Further in 1993 the Institute was renamed in Ryazan State Radio Engineering Academy, and in March, 2006 in Ryazan State Radio Engineering University, now Ryazan State Radio Engineering University named after V.F. Utkin.

In 60 years the University was directed by:

  • K.A. Sapozhkov (1951-1956);
  • I.S. Kovalev (1956-1962);
  • G.N. Ponikorovsky (1962-1970);
  • V.I. Popovkin (1971-1983);
  • V.K. Zlobin (1983-2007);
  • V.S. Gurov (since 2007).

The first rector (then the director) of the Institute - K.A. Sapozhkov - the graduater of the Leningrad electrotechnical institute (LETI) postgraduate-study. For years of his work the following were put into commision:

the first academic building on Yamskya Street (now Tsyolkovskogo Street)

hostel №1

the beginning of the construction of the main academic building

the organization of the first faculties, departments, laboratories

Teachers came to Ryazan from across the country - Urals, Donetsk, Penza, Kazan, but the main  membership of the staff of the RREI teachers was  graduated from the Leningrad electrotechnical institute of V.I. Lenin (LETI). There were the first three rectors of Institute among them.

Within 60 years of the University existence about 60 thousand experts for various fields which were directed for work to enterprises, institutions and organizations were prepared, generally to the central part of Russia. Many of them made a significant contribution to the creation of several generations of domestic radio-electronic equipment, became the heads of the enterprises, research and development institutes, DEDs, educational institutions, scientists, public and statesmen. His graduates made a basis of the engineering frame of the largest enterprises of the electro and radio engineering profile in the region.

Now the total number of employees of the University makes 1420 people, meanwhile here about 6900 students and about 185 post -graduate students and doctoral candidates, including students from the far-abroad and neighboring countries are trained.

Meanwhile at 5 faculties of the full-time course (annual intake on the state-financed places more than 900 people), correspondence faculty and humanitarian institute trained specialists, masters and bachelors on 78 directions or specialties, the training is carried out according to the multilevel scheme «the bachelor - the specialist - the master» on all directions; the Military department is remained and the educational and military center which prepare reserve and contract officers is again formed; the University successfully passed selection for the next term till 2013 gained the right to train administrative staff for national economic enterprises of the country based on the Presidential program (a quota for the Ryazan region - 40 people in a year); under the decision of the Ministry of regional development the University became the leading methodical center in the region on retraining of civil and municipal servants. In 2009 as a part of the engineering economics faculty the institute of the public and municipal administration is created. At two faculties of the Institute of additional professional education about 680 listeners are annually trained. At the University there is a possibility on a commercial basis to get the second higher education.

In 2004 a branch in the town Sasovo in the Ryazan region was opened on the base of the civil aviation flying school, and in 2008 – a branch in the town Znamensk of the Astrakhan region on the base of the famous military ground «Kapustin Yar».

In 90 years the creation of the University corporate computer network, e-mail, web-host, center of on-line learning, having the license software and electronic training courses on natural-science disciplines has organized.

The University has 3 academic buildings with a total area of 39881 sq.m., 5 hostels, a medical room, preventorium, canteen, stadium, sports camp «Zeleniy Bor», swimming pool «Radiovolna» and other social objects.

Ryazan state radioengineering university - History of the University