Ryazan State Radio Engineering University named after V.F. Utkin

Scientific Activities

The main scientific activities:

- Creation of radiotechnical, informational and telecommunication devices and systems

- Development of mathematical, software and hardware for computer systems and systems of signal, images and fields processing.

- Development of new information technologies and management methods for scientific and technological and socio-economic spheres.

- Development of physical basis of design systems and technologies for the creation of electronic and microelectronic devices and systems

Scientific directions of University departments, research laboratories and others departments of RSREU

• Multicriterial synthesis of realizable signals and processing devices. Analysis and synthesis of radiating systems and devices. (Department of Radio control and systems)

• Increase of noise immunity of radio technical systems (Department of Radio Engineering systems)

• Methods, algorithms and devices of spatial and temporal acquisition and processing generation and formation of signals (Department of Radio devices)

• Digital signal processing and its application in telecommunication systems (Department of Telecommunications and Foundations of Radio Engineering)

• Power Electronics ( Department of Theoretical foundations of electronics)

• Electrical, magnetic, acoustic phenomena in gaseous, liquid and solids. (Department of Quality and certification management)

• Influence of deep levels on the stability and reliability of integrated microcircuit. Disordered semiconductors and their applications. (Department of Biomedical and Semiconductor electronics)

• Measurements, tests, control and quality management (Department of Technology Radioelectronic equipment).

• Dynamics and strength of machines, devices and equipment (Department of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics).

• Methods, algorithms and technical means of control and data processing. (Department of Automatics and information technologies in management)

• Methods and technical facilities of complex magneto therapy and protection against unauthorized electromagnetic radiation. (Department of Information-measuring and Biomedical technologies)

A number of research works on creation of information systems for various applications and their widespread use is performed by the department.

Scientific Laboratory for automated control, analysis and evaluation of collective contractual instruments in education works at the department at the present time.

Research and Education Center of Information Systems was established in 2010.

Information systems development, involving of teachers, staff, graduate students and students of the department, implemented in more than one hundred companies of thirty regions of the Russian Federation and won many medals and diplomas.

The bronze medal of the International Salon of Innovations and Investments (2005) and the diploma of the international exhibition "ROS-GAZ-EXPO" (2009) Department of Automatics and Control systems are some of the last awards.

Automation of technological processes and productions.

Mathematical analysis, discrete mathematics, qualitative theory of differential equations and optimal control. (Department of Advanced mathematics)

Vacuum and plasma electronics. (Department of Electronics Engineering and Technology)

Vacuum and plasma electronics. Mathematical modeling of high-power microwave devices and systems. (Department of Electronic Devices)

Plasma Electronics. (Department of Industrial Electronics)

Creation of analytical instruments and investigation methods of composition of the substance for space research and environmental protection. (Department of General and Experimental Physics)

Digital processing and recognition of space images. (Department of Computing machinery)

Mathematical and software of computers, complexes and computer networks. (Department of Computational and Applied Mathematics)

Design automation of computer systems and networks. (Department of Automated Designing Computing facilities)

Regional organization of production. Innovation Management. Methodology of formation of the organizational environment. (Department of Economics, Management and Organization of production)

Regional innovation policy. (Department of State and Municipal Administration, Economic Theory)

Development of systems and information technology for aerospace image processing the Earth's surface. (Research Institute «Photon»)

Research of quantum-dimensional structures for nanoelectronic devices. (Regional Centre of Probe microscopy communities)

Power electronics. (Scientific and Technical Centre of Power Electronics)

Informatization of Education. (New Information Technologies Centre)

Protection of information in computer systems. (Regional Training and Research Centre)

Development of theoretical basis, methods and algorithms for detection, identification and maintenance of objects for video board computer real-time control systems. (Research laboratory of autonomous information management systems).

Ryazan state radioengineering university - Scientific Activities