Ryazan State Radio Engineering University named after V.F. Utkin

Library today

Scientific Library of the Ryazan State Radio Engineering University is the largest library in Ryazan and Ryazan region. The library is created by order of the Ministry of Higher Education of 19.01.1952 № 124 «On the structure of the Ryazan Radio Engineering Institute». Collection of the library consists of hundreds of textbooks and teaching manuals received from libraries of Moscow and Leningrad.

Since 1969 according to the order of Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the USSR № 521 of July 3, RSREU library is the methodological center for the libraries of Universities and colleges of the city Ryazan and Ryazan region. The methodical room of RSREU library providing close connecting between libraries in the area of wide range of issues and problems resolution of practical library activities, organizes scientific conferences, seminars and meetings.

The vast collection of the library has 950 thousand copies, annually accession includes educational, scientific, reference books, local and foreign journals, normative-technical documentation, reports of scientific research work and experiments and design work, dissertations and autoabstract dissertation.

The fund of rare books of the library reflects the history of the Ryazan province and technology in Russia of the XVIII- and early XX century.

In 1991 for the automation of information processes two computers and automated information library system «MARC» were purchased.

At the present, library has a new generation system «MARC» SQL. The local library network was set up. Electronic catalogue reflects new additions of the documents since 1989, and it is constantly updated. The process of acquisition of publications, their systematization and accounting were automated, new additions receive a barcode.

Since 2010, the library has been creating the base of readers - students and conduct an automated issuing sets of textbooks for students of first and second courses.

Today the library consistently converted into the scientific information library complex of the University. The main objective of the library is provision students all forms of education with necessary educational literature, and provision of all faculty, staff and postgraduate students with educational and scientific literature.

Over the last 5 years, the structure of  libraries is actively developed trends for complex service of different user groups and simultaneous enhancement of specialization are clearly identified. In 2000, in the research library, at the same time together with the specialized humanities reading room the room with economic literature was opened. As the result the reading room with educational literature also became a specialized - reading room with educational  and technical literature. In May 2004, another specialized reading room was opened which is a room with electronic information and diploma projects. Creating of this new reading room is a step forward to the development and improvement of the library, because the library purchases publications not only in traditional paper form, but also books, periodicals, reference journals in digital.

Thus, at the present, the library has 3 subscription (educational, scientific and narrative literature) and 7 reading rooms (non-fiction, educational- technical, humanities, economic literature, periodicals, scientific bibliography and electronic media).

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