Рязанский  государственный  радиотехнический  университет  имени  В.Ф. Уткина

International activity


The International activity of the RSREU is a special kind of activity focused on the internationalization and diversification of the education and science.

The Centre of International Communications was established in the innovative structure of RSREU. This Centre covers the requirement of the Ryazan State Radio Engineering University named after V.F. Utkin in the area of attraction of resources of international organizations and provides the University with the international contacts which have significant educational, scientific and business value for RSREU and for development of the appropriate scientific industry of Russia and Ryazan region.

The University expands the international contacts by means of concluding of cooperation agreements with the foreign universities and organizations. At the present time 112 foreign students studies at the University: from Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan, Moldova, Morocco, Chad, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Cameroon, Syria, Angola, Yemen, Haiti, Vietnam, Guinea - Bissau, Indonesia, Kenya, Congo, Namibia, Palestine and others.

The University conducts active cooperation with the Embassies of Angola, Cameroon, Chad, Republic of Cuba, with the aim of further developing of the mutual cooperation.

The representatives of various foreign organizations visit the University for the purpose of teaching lectures and seminars for students and employees.

As a part of DAAD program, the students were awarded grants for a trip to Germany and education purposes.

As a part of «summer school» language courses «Polish language for Russian students» and cultural and study trips to Poland, Germany and the Czech Republic were held.

The International activity is supported through the participation of teachers and employees in international seminars and conferences in France, Italy, Germany, Japan, China, Israel, England, USA, Poland, Czech Republic, Spain, Finland, etc.

The international activity of RSREU named after V.F. Utkin is a special kind of activity focused on the internationalization, diversification of education and science and the integration of the University into the world educational space. The University participates in the European Union programs Tempus and Erasmus+, expands its international contacts, enters into cooperation agreements with the following foreign universities and organizations: University of Genoa (Italian Republic), L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University (Republic of Kazakhstan), Belarusian National Technical University (Republic of Belarus), LLC Automotive Lighting (Czech Republic), University of Montenegro (Montenegro), Embassy of France in Russian Federation (French Republic), University of Žilina (Slovak Republic), Wuhan University (People’s Republic of China) etc. More than 200 students from 30 countries, including Azerbaijan, Algeria, Angola, Belarus, Vietnam, Ghana, Georgia, Cameroon, Kazakhstan, Congo, Cote d’Ivoire, Kingdom of Eswatini, Morocco, Moldova, Nigeria, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan are enrolled at the University.

The Pre-University Course for foreign students are provided with Engineering, Science and Economics directions. Special emphasis is placed on studying Russian as a foreign language for professional and day-to-day communication. Period of study at the Pre-University Course is 12 months from September to August.




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