Ryazan State Radio Engineering University named after V.F. Utkin


- What are the rules of registration for foreign students?

- According to the current law students should register within seven days from the day they entered into the Russian Federation.


- What should the student do if she/he wants to leave Ryazan, for example, for vacation time?

- If you are going for a trip, whether it is a trip to Moscow for 2 days or a cruise across the Pacific Ocean, you should fill out theapplication form in the International  students department.

- If I live with relatives, should I register at the University?

- It depends upon the situation. But if you arrived from the country with non-visa regime and relatives are ready to register you at home, there is no necessity to register at the University.


- What are the rules of entering the university for the students from CIS? May I pretend to the privileges?

- Today all students, except only entering under the directions from the Ministry of Education and Science no matter what nationality they are, have the same entrance tests. There are no special privileges for foreign students.


- Should I always keep the documents with me?

- We advise you to keep the documents always with you. You should show your passport and visa in order to exchange money, by a ticket, reserve a room, etc.


- What are the preparatory courses and what are they?

- The preparatory courses are a special education program, the duration of which is one academic year (7-10 months). The students learn Russian and special engineering disciplines. It is necessary for successful study in the RSREU.


- Is it difficult to study at the preparatory courses?

- The program of the preparatory courses is designed for the ordinary level. The student who attends all classes, completes homework and practical assignments, usually has no difficulties during the study. If the student does not cope with the study at the preparatory courses, he/she can repeat the study in the next academic year. However, the student should pay for it again.


- How can I get the invitation for the study in Russia?

- The invitation for the study is an official document, which should be prepared by the Russian Federation Ministry of Internal Affairs. This document confirms that the student has been accepted into the University. This document should be presented to the Russian Embassy to get the visa. In general, the preparation of this document takes about 45 days. This invitation is valid during the 90 days from the release. And during the validity term of the invitation it is necessary to make an application to the Russian embassy requesting issuing of a visa.


- What is the migration card?

- The migration card is a document which shows that the student has crossed the border legally. This document is obliged to the student registration. It is impossible to get the registration in the Russian Federation without the migration card. You should save the migration card until you leave the Russian Federation.


- What is the registration?

- Registration gives the student the legal right to stay in the Russian Federation during its validity period. Usually the registration period is one year. The registration should be prolonged annually to 2-3 weeks before its expiration. Upon the arrival to the University the student should submit the required documents for the registration within seven days including the day of the arrival. Duration of registration preparation is 10-15 days. The copy of the student's passport should be submitted to the corresponding department. The registration stamp presses on the migration card. To register a passport and visa the passport should be valid for a minimum period of 2 years. It is recommended to update your passport before traveling to Russia for the whole education period.


- In what cases the academic leave can be provided?

- The academic leave can be provided for medical reasons (reducing disability due to disorders of the body due to prolonged (more than 2 consecutive months) or frequent illnesses and the need for passage of long-term treatment). It is necessary a medical certificate issued the relevant clinics of the city. But there are some exceptional cases, such as natural disasters, which are also granted the gap year


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