Ryazan State Radio Engineering University named after V.F. Utkin

Keep in mind!

The First Day at the University

IMPORTANT: аs soon as you reserve the ticket, please inform us about the date of your arrival (we should reserve a place in a hostel for you).

After your arrival in Ryazan you should promptly contact with the International  students department of RSREU. The Department staff will help you to complete the necessary documents and answer all your questions. On the day of your arrival to the University, you will be provided the room, where you will live during the study at the University.

Medical Insurance

For getting any medical treatment for the period of study at the RSREU it is necessary to complete insurance. For getting the insurance card, you should contact the International  students department (room 304a). You should show your passport.

The cost of the medical insurance is 6 000 rubles. 

Primary Registration

Within three days from the date of your entry into the Russian Federation you must stand up for the registration at the place of your temporary residence. For this purpose, you should deliver a passport and migration card to the International  students department (room 304a)

Prolongation of Visa and Registration

For the whole period of studying at the University, the student should have valid registration and visa.

IMPORTANT: every student should control the expiration dates of the mentioned documents and prolong them in time.

Preparation of Multi-visa

For registration of multi-visa you should submit the following documents:

  •  passport+copy of filled pages
  • migration card
  • copy of agreement
  • payment receipt of stamp duty (1600 Rubles, can be paid in any branch of Sberbank)
  • 1 photo 35*45
IMPORTANT: if you change your passport within the period of studying at the university you should register a new visa.

The documents should be submitted to the International  students department (room 304a) before 45 days of expiration date of the actual visa, although your current visa is still valid.

Prolongation of Registration

Prolongation of registration is carried out regularly. For students from countries with visa regime, registration preparation is performed only in the presence of a valid visa.

For registration of multi visa the following documents should be submitted:

  • passport+copy of all pages
  • migration card (original and copy)
  • acting migration registration (original and copy)

The documents should be provided to the International  students department before 10 days of expiration date of the registration.

IMPORTANT: If you leave the country, you should make a new registration on return. The document should be provided within three days from the date of your entrance to Russian Federation.

IMPORTANT: If you want to leave Ryazan, no matter how long your absence will be, you should complete the application mentioned the address of your suppose location, the duration of absence and the actual phone number. You can complete the application in the International Students Departement.

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