Author guidelines

Author guidelines

Scientific and technical journal “Vestnik of Ryazan State Radio Engineering University” publishes original and survey articles in Russian.

Main headings of the journal: 

 radio engineering, radiolocation and communication systems;

 computer engineering, information systems and technologies;

 system analysis, management  and information processing;

 instrument engineering and information and measurement systems; 

 electronics and nanoelectronics.

Journal “Vestnik RSREU” was included by the State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles of the Russian Federation into the list of editions recommended for publication of main scientific results of doctoral and candidate thesis in the area of electronics, measurement technics, radio engineering and  communication; management, computer engineering and informatics.

Editorial staff of the journal considers only manuscripts of the articles corresponding to the scientific profile of the journal, not published before and not transferred to editorial offices of other journals. 

Editorial staff of the journal “Vestnik RSREU” does not take obligations to explain authors untechnical reasons of the article declining. Manuscripts of the articles not complied with design requirements are not considered and repeatedly accepted after all corrections according to the standard procedure.

Journal is published quarterly. Publication of materials is free of charge. Subscription to the journal is possible only in the catalog JSC Agency “Rospechat” (subscription index 36203).  An author's copy can be received by post or personally in the editorial office.

An author's agreement should be concluded for publication of a scientific article.

Requirements to articles submitted by authors to the journal editorial office

1. Content of the article should be compact and clear. Volume of published articles (including figures and references) should be not more than 10 and not less than 5 typewritten pages. Number of figures should not exceed a half of the number of article pages.

At the beginning of the article the task should be stated shortly and at the end – obtained results mentioning their application value and numerical win. Header of the article should shortly formulate the theme. Annotation (Volume – up to 10 lines) should contain specific information on results obtained in the article. A separate line after annotation should indicate key words (5-8 words).

Separate sections of the article should obtain header (“Introduction”) (with obligatory indication of the work purpose), “Problem statement”, “Theoretical researches”, “Experimental researches”, “Conclusions”).

2. Article should be prepared in the following way: index of the universal decimal classification, initials and surname of the author (authors), title of the article, annotation in Russian, key words in Russian, main text of the article, references.

Article should be signed by all authors.

3. Figures should be executed according to the requirements of the Unified system for design documentation in black and white image in formats *.bmp, *.jpg, *.tif and attached by a separate file on a disk. Dimensions of figures should not exceed 90 х 120 mm2. It is desirable that width of a figure does not exceed width of a column.

4. Formulas should be executed in the editor Microsoft Equation 3.0.

5. Automatic hyphenation mode should be switched on in text of the article.

6. References are prepared according to GOST 7.1.2003 “Bibliographic entry of a document” (automatic creation of list is not used). References to unpublished papers are not accepted.

7. Cross-references are not used in the article. 

List of materials provided by the authors 

1. Article (signed by all authors) prepared in the editor Microsoft Word 97 – Microsoft Word 2003 (format А4), – 2 copies.

2. Expert opinion on the possibility of publication in the press (sealed and original signed).

3. Annotation and keywords in English, indicating the title of the article, initials and surname of the author (authors) also in English.

4. Author's contract on transfer of non-exclusive rights to use the work – 2 copies.

5. Information on authors in Russian and English (marked with *) according to the form:

Author 1 Аuthor 2 …..


* Place of work (name of organization, and department)


* Academic degree and academic title

Work address and phone

Home address and phone

Mobile phone

E-mail address (for correspondence and publication in the journal)

* PhD student / doctoral student (place of studying)

 It’s necessary to indicate a responsible person for the consideration of the article.

All of the above mentioned materials must be available in both paper and electronic (on CD RW) form. Disk and manuscripts are not returned to the authors. These requirements are obligatory, in case of their non-compliance the articles are not taken into consideration.

Articles prepared in accordance with the requirements are accepted to the address:

Gagarina Street, 59/1, 390005, Ryazan, Russia

Ryazan State Radio Engineering University, к. 307а laboratory building, 

editorial office of the scientific and technical journal “Vestnik RSREU”

Technical secretary of the editorial office – Ustinova Larisa Sergeevna, 

Tel. (4912) 46-04-32, interoffice telephone 11-30.

Responsible officers for working with authors  Lvova Olga Viktorovna, 

                                                                 Grishacheva Aleksandra Yuryevna

tel. (4912) 46-03-73, interoffice telephone – 11-97.

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Text of the article is placed on A4 format sheet (top field - 2.5 cm, the remaining - 2 cm) in two columns with width 8.2 cm and distance between columns - 0.6 cm. When you type keywords and annotation, note that left and right indents should be 2 cm.

The font size – Times New Roman.

the font size for writing:

 full names of authors and titles of articles – 14, 

 universal decimal classification index, annotation, main text – 11,

 references – 10.

Line spacing – single.

Indentation – 0,7 cm.

In formulas: latin letters should be in italic font, numbers, greek letters, standard mathematical functions should be in the normal font, vectors and matrices – bold font.

Strictly maintain the font size in formulas: 

normal index – 11;

large index  – 7;

small size– 5;

–  large symbol – 11;

–  small symbol– 9.

The font size in formulas is set in the menu «Size / Define» Microsoft Equation 3.0. 

In figures the fonts (for writing and size) should correspond to the fonts used in the text (or be proportionately reduced). 

The figure and tables captions are in bold size 10.

 Editorial office of the scientific and technical journal “Vestnik of RSREU”

Gagarina Street, 59/1, 390005, Ryazan, Russia
Ryazan State Radio Engineering University
Tel. +7 (4912) 46-03-03; 46-03-02. Fax +7 (4912) 46-03-09
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Journal electronic address: http://onti.rsreu.ru

Clerk Ustinova L.S.
Tel. +7 (4912) 46-03-73

Last Updated on 17 August 2015
Written by Department of scientific information