Ryazan State Radio Engineering University named after V.F. Utkin

Insurance for foreign citizens

The provision of medical assistance to foreign citizens on the territory of the Russian Federation is carried out in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

Emergency medical care for foreign citizens is provided free of charge and without delay.
Planned medical care for foreign citizens is provided on a paid basis.
The official language for filling medical documentation sent from the Russian Federation to another state is Russian.
When a foreign citizen enters the University for training, he must acquire a medical insurance with accreditation in the Russian Federation.
Medical insurance must be issued in Russian or translated into Russian language with notarization.
Foreign citizens can buy medical insurance (6000 rubles per year), which will give them the opportunity to receive quality medical services.
You can buy a medical insurance at: Gagarina Street, 59/1 Ryazan State Radio Engineering University,
Room 304a (Main building)
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